April 21, 2024

Nowotny on Delta Alternative: 'Great Britain is two months behind'

Nowotny on Delta Alternative: ‘Great Britain is two months behind’

Virologist Norbert Nowotny warns that Austria can still cope with developments in Great Britain. Currently, the numbers will allow for the planned openings.

The delta type of coronavirus has also been found in parts of Austria; A few dozen suspected cases have not yet been clarified. Virologist Norbert Nowotny said in an interview with PULS 24 on Monday that in light of the confirmed cases so far, it can be assumed that the delta variant has also gained a foothold in Austria.

The virologist estimates that we are two months behind Great Britain in terms of the spread of this type of delta virus. It is now important to vaccinate large parts of the population as quickly as possible, because full vaccination will provide good protection against the delta variant.

Slots are not in danger

Nowotny does not currently see the currently planned openings for July in jeopardy. “The numbers we make available now allow the opening moves as planned. “However: ‘We’ll see how things look on July 1st by then,'” he says.

Nowotny also sees the state of mask requirements in schools, which some experts quietly see as somewhat critical. Mask expiration Very possible. There are two important accompanying metrics to this: on the one hand, the vaccination of faculty members and the largest possible part of the student body; On the other hand, school exams continue.

Compulsory ending mask in schools

PULS 24 asked what Austrians say about the end of mask requirements at school.

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