March 2, 2024

NoA chief reacts to Switch Pro rumors

NoA chief reacts to Switch Pro rumors

In the past few months, a rumor has been circulating that Nintendo will nail it down in the coming weeks and officially announce a revised Pro model.

Even if the latest rumors about a possible reveal of the system did not come true, this is surely already in the works. In a recent statement, the president of Nintendo of America, Doug Bowser, also commented on the ongoing rumors – but without officially confirming or announcing the Switch Pro.

Nintendo is looking for a better gaming experience

Instead, Bowser only noted that Nintendo is always looking for new hardware so it can offer better gaming experiences. “We are always keeping an eye on technology and how it can improve the gaming experience. It’s not just about technology for the sake of technology,” said Bowser.

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“Instead, it’s about how technology can improve the gaming experience,” he said. “And where do you use this technology next? Do you want to apply it to existing devices and platforms? Or do you want to wait for the next platform? And what does the right gaming experience look like next? There are a variety of factors that come into play and this is something we always keep in mind.”

Unconfirmed reports According to the Switch Pro model, among other things, it will come with a 7-inch OLED display and support 4K resolution in docked mode. As I mentioned the launch of Switch Pro Not until 2022 It can be done.

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