May 22, 2024

Nikki Haley takes on Donald Trump

Trump or Haley? Voting in the South Carolina Republican primary. (Image Alliance / dpa / Sipa USA)

The US presidential election will be held on November 5, 2024. Incumbent President Joe Biden (81) is seeking re-election as a Democrat. It all seems now that Biden will have to deal with Donald Trump (77) again.

To become the Republican Party's presidential nominee, Trump must win the so-called primaries within his own party. He has done this in all states where elections have been held so far.

All his rivals have dropped out – only former UN ambassador Nikki Haley still wants to know. However, Haley is considered unable to bridge the significant gap with Trump.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump wants to be president again – he has a loyal following within the Republican Party, some of whom support him unreservedly. Even several lawsuits and scandals did not affect his popularity. The former president drifted further to the right and often used brutal rhetoric.

In Iowa's first primary on January 15, Trump won 51 percent of the vote and was clearly ahead of his competition. He also successfully completed the following votes: in New Hampshire, Nevada and the US Virgin Islands. On February 24, after nearly all the votes were counted, he won South Carolina with nearly 60 percent of the vote — 20 percentage points more than Nikki Haley, his only remaining challenger.

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley He was the US ambassador to the United Nations during Trump's first presidency. But now he has freed himself from his former employer. Under the slogan “It's time for another generation”, the 52-year-old has called for a return to traditional republican values.

Haley received 19 percent of the vote in Iowa, finishing third behind Trump and Ron DeSantis. He lost to his rival Trump in other votes, most recently in his home state of South Carolina, where he has been governor for the past several years.

In Nationwide surveys Trump has been the undisputed front-runner of Republican candidates for months. The other candidates didn't come close to her popularity ratings – all but Nikki Haley dropped out.

Trump's victory was so assured that he didn't even participate in televised debates with his opponents. According to an analysis by the Washington Post, Trump's support is actually solid — many supporters are determined to vote.

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After votes in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina, March 5th is called “Super Tuesday.” On this “Super Tuesday”, a large number of representatives will be elected in several states on a single day.

Further process of primaries will drag on till summer. The winner of the most delegate votes will be officially chosen as the Republican presidential nominee at the Republican National Convention in mid-July. The actual presidential election will be held on November 5, 2024.

Legal trouble in Colorado

Trump, who has several court cases to answer to, has run into legal trouble in the primaries as well. According to the Colorado Supreme Court, the politician must be disqualified from statewide primaries. According to a ruling, Trump was disqualified from office on January 6, 2021 for his role in the storming of the Capitol.

The case is now before the United States Supreme Court, where an oral hearing was held on February 8, 2024. A decision is still pending. In Maine, the election administration also wants to exclude Trump's candidacy. Similar efforts have failed in other states as well.

The most notable dropouts were former vice presidents Mike Pence And Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor. Pence ended his presidential bid in October 2023 — due to poor poll numbers and lack of financial support, according to US media reports.

DeSantis has long been considered a fierce rival of Trump. He unexpectedly withdrew his application – before the second primary. He then announced his support for Trump. Politically, DeSantis and Trump are on the same page.

Also absent: Governor of North Dakota, Doug BurgumSenator Tim ScottRadio host Larry ElderBusinessman Perry JohnsonFormer MP Will Hurd, Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarezand former New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie. The latter said he wants to do everything he can to prevent another Trump presidency.
Indian born businessman Vivek Ramasamy Dropped his candidacy after a disappointing performance in the Iowa caucuses. He tried to score points with right-wing populist rants. Like Christie and DeSantis, Ramasamy has now declared his support for Trump. Even the former governor of Arkansas is considered an outsider. Asa Hutchinson, threw down. In Iowa, a Trump critic got just 0.2 percent. After she withdrew, Hutchinson threw her support behind candidate Nikki Haley.
Traditionally, primaries for the incumbent president's party are usually a formality. Incumbent Joe Biden is running for re-election in 2024 Because Trump. However, the president is not without controversy in his own camp. Above all, two outsiders enter the race: the teacher Marion Williamson and democratic politician Dean Phillips. In Survey Biden is far ahead.
There are also independent candidates: Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Jill Stone (green) or Cornell WestIt also has support among a section of the electorate, according to surveys, and could at least influence the outcome of the November 2024 election.

A recurring theme in the public debate is Biden's age, who will be 86 at the end of a possible second term. The age of Trump, who is only a few years younger, is also being debated.

Current Survey They say Trump will certainly have a chance in a renewed race for the White House against Biden. With Biden not running, Democrats are always talking about the nomination California Governor Gavin NewsomHe speculates.