May 21, 2024 – A new trading card game from Germany coming soon to Kickstarter

Written by Daniel Kraus . Posted in Crowdfunding

After the successful launch of “Disney Lorcana” And “Star Wars Unlimited” and a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign changing“, will also be available soon a team from Germany a New TCG With the title “neverrift“It begins. The Kickstartercampaign Should start soon.

This is what the game offers

In Neverrift TCG, two players compete against each other and represent their factions on alternating grids. Each player has a deck of 30 cards as well as a tamer with special abilities that determine which factions and cards the player can use. The goal is to tame your opponent's creatures by changing their affiliation in battle by making them fight, but you can also protect them with slot machines or cast special effects with spells. Whoever tamed the most creatures wins.

Neverrift prototype 001

First impression of the prototype

We have already received a preview version containing five different decks. These are still unplayable games, and a presentation of the game will follow as such. What's immediately noticeable is the structure of the cards, which doesn't follow the typical magic template. Perhaps a unique way to achieve a standalone TCG has been found here. Some cards are placed in a 4×4 grid and then the arrows on the edge of the cards show the force in different directions. This tactical interpretation should lead to a board game feel.

There are different types of cards: creatures, locations and spells. Also a Tamer card that determines the party's faction.

Neverrift prototype 009

The maps and illustrations, of which there will be 150 different at launch, look very nice. Here independent studio Gate to the Games GmbH shows that they are serious and have invested a lot of time and money upfront to make the game a reality. Holo and Paint effect cards are also promised. A sample is already included in our prototype kit.

Neverrift prototype 002

As is typical of the genre, enhanced displays will be available for purchase. Plus play mats, starter decks, card sleeves, and more.

Neverrift prototype 004

This is what the application should provide

There will be a game application and integration between analogue and digital games. Neverrift should be playable for free via the app. The game will be playable on mobile with a vertical screen. There will be codes in the analogue version of the game, which will then bring digital additions, such as exclusive game modes. Cross-platform play should make it possible to find a human player on the go at any time.

Neverrift 010 model

Neverrift Model 013


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