October 5, 2023

New York Yankees News: Another Big Trade May Loom

New York Yankees News: Another Big Trade May Loom

CBS Sports | Mike AxaIn case you haven’t heard of, the Yankees have traded with Pirates right-hand player Jameson Tillon. Here’s another look at some of the aftershocks of the trade, which include the risky rotation and heightened, as well as the possible end of Masahiro Tanaka’s term in the Bronx.

NJ.com | Brendan Coty: The Yankees They are said to be interested in dumping Adam Ottavino’s salary. An asymmetric right-handed person is set to get $ 9 million in 2021, from the year 2020 he has struggled hard. The Yankees would definitely like to attach a low-key prospect to Otavino to convince a rival team to eat its entire guarantee. Ottavino has had an uneven period in the Bronx, but his items are still electric, and it can be fun to watch when he is. As always, it is a shame that potentially sexy players are reduced to little more than a fancy tax number.

New York Post Joel Sherman: Yankees have been burned before when they pin their hopes on old men and former stars. Sherman argues that the team is on the verge of burning again, likening Cory Kloper’s signature to the acquisition of Troy Toluetsky two years ago. Both former nails were 34 years old at the time of their arrival in the Bronx. Tolo, of course, caught fire after another bout of unfortunate injuries. Personally, I am more optimistic about Kluber’s chances of reviving some of its former form, but there are clearly downside risks here.

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NJ.com | Joe GiglioThe Yankees’ record line-up in recent years has deviated significantly from right-handedness. On most nights their stars are healthy, you can count on Yankees sprinting seven or eight purees just right. Giglio wrote that the Yankees should consider spending the evening with a flyer on Jock Pederson. If the Yankees don’t return Brett Gardner’s signature, Pederson will definitely be a hard paddle to add to the pitch rotation.