May 23, 2024

New record – Canada’s population grows by more than a million people

OTTAWA, March 22 — Canada’s population grew by more than a million people last year, the most in the North American country’s history. The population increase was almost entirely due to immigrants and foreigners with temporary residence permits, the Statistics Authority said on Wednesday.

The population has reached almost 40 million. Canada is the fastest growing country in the G7 group of seven major industrialized nations. The population is growing at 2.7 percent per year, and at this rate, the number of people living in the country will double within 26 years.

Canada’s economy and aging population depend on immigration. So Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has pushed immigration upward since taking office in 2015. Following the devastating February earthquake, the country launched special programs for crisis-hit countries such as Afghanistan and Ukraine, as well as Turkey and Syria.

New high – Canadian population grows by more than a million people

Source: Reuters

Code photo: Image from DEZALB on Pixbay

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