October 4, 2023

Netsky feat. Rita Ora - Barricades

Netsky feat. Rita Ora – Barricades

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“Barriers” by Netsky feat. Rita Ora.

If Netsky and Rita Ora release a joint song, it can be assumed that it will be very successful. But at least, a wonderful musical journey is presented to the listener. Barriers combines electro-pop, drum, and bass. The result is convincing. Above all because of the excellent performance of singer Rita Ora. Her voice literally shines through in this production. We have taken a detailed look at this version. What makes it unique?


aka Boris Denin Netsky For the stars of the International EDM Theater. It usually takes the somewhat non-commercial route. However, the Belgian DJ and music producer is very successful. This talks about his music first and foremost. In 2012 he became famous for his song “Come Alive”. His career has taken a steep upward trajectory over the past seven years. It started with drum and bass. With tracks like “Running Low” and “Here With You” he released with Lost Frequencies or “Rio”, he built a global fan base. Zoom up to 200 million streams spotify Netsky can already collect. He has now released the single “Barriers” with Rita Ora, which will add millions more streams.

Barricades (feat. Rita Ora)

Rita Ora is one of Britain’s most successful 21st century artists and is an internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter with four singles in the UK. With a total of 13 top 10 singles, it holds the record for the top 10 singles by a British female artist in UK history. “It’s been great working with Netsky on Barricades. It’s an honor to be working with such a talented producer, especially on a track like this. A decade after my first #1 Hot Now Now” with DJ Fresh on another drum and bass instrument the recording sounds like Coming home I am so excited to hear it all. “I hope they like to dance like this,” the singer said about her collaboration with Netsky. “I’ve wanted to work with Rita since I heard ‘RIP’ so it was really cool that she and Stargate are back in the studio. We wanted to create a song that really showcased the power of her voice. The song is about the struggles people go through when they’re in love. We combined the beauty of pop music The simple and the power of the spacers/drum and bass. I want to make a dancer that is honest and emotional — I think this song is that subtle,” says Belgian Netsky. By the way, the song was co-produced with Stargate – a guarantee of success.

conclusion: “Barricades” is a one-of-a-kind song that thrives on impressive, lively instrumentation, which, however, really only comes with Rita Ora’s vocals. A graphic track and definitely a title that will make millions of people happy.

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