February 28, 2024

Netflix is ​​removing the basic subscription without ads in Canada

Netflix has now canceled its cheap basic subscription without ads in Canada and plans to do the same for existing customers in the future, according to the announcement. What is the background of this announcement?

Netflix offers various subscription plans including: Basic subscription. It’s the cheapest, ad-free option in the Netflix portfolio. In Germany, a basic subscription currently costs 8 euros per month and enables streaming on one device HD resolution (720p). But in Canada, the streaming provider wants to cancel this subscription, which previously cost 9.99 Canadian dollars, pushing customers to more expensive offerings. Channel CTV News reported.

In fact, the basic subscription is no longer “Help Center‘On the Canadian site. Conversely, new customers in Canada have a choice between Fixed subscription with adsto Fixed subscription (Full HD, No Ads) and Premium subscription (4K UHD, maximum four devices). Existing customers have the option to switch from the basic subscription to another subscription within the offer. However, Netflix also plans to discontinue the basic subscription for existing customers in the future.

Canada is often represented by Netflix A testing environment for new initiatives was used. An example of this is the offer of legal account sharing introduced by Netflix in Canada and later in Germany. However, Netflix has now backtracked and taken steps to limit or block account sharing.

It is not yet clear whether Netflix will cancel the basic subscription in Germany, as there is no official statement about it yet. However, Germany is also suspected to be affected by this change. Accounts Payable Sharing is now also available in Germany.

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