February 28, 2024

“Munich is always a home game”

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As he gushes with water from the fountain of youth: singer Michael Sadler, forever young. © Imago Stock

Canadian rock band Saga made a guest appearance at the sold-out Munich Mufadale and wowed their fans with their sheer joy of playing. Our concert review:

Hard to believe: Canadian rock band Saga has been in the business for four and a half decades. In their performance at the sold-out Munich Mufathalle on Sunday (June 11, 2023), it was immediately clear: five talented veterans are still passionate about what they do, and they still have it. With great glee, they weave brilliant guitar and keyboard runs – and with their timelessly good songs, they prove that artistic textures and snotty riffs aren’t mutually exclusive.

Michael Sadler in good voice at the Munich Saga concert

Hats off to these prog rock pioneers: they don’t just do prog, they really rock. First, the fascinating singer Michael Sadler: he will be 70 next year and already has a Methuselah beard, but his crystal-clear, powerful voice always sounds wonderful – as if he has been gurgling with a fountain of youth for decades. In a brilliant mood, he leads the show with beautiful announcements in German and encourages the audience to sing along with gusto. “Munich is always a home game,” he insists. In fact, the band has recorded various live albums here over the decades, and this time loyal fans are once again offered a great atmosphere: together with the energetic quintet on stage, they celebrate a luxurious retro party.

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You won’t find any surprising new arrangements here, and the setlist also offers what over-50 hearts crave: classic numbers like “Tired World” from Saga’s debut album from 1978, along with nostalgic ear-sparkling hits like “Don’t Be Late” or “Wind Him Up.” By which the atmosphere reaches boiling point. So it’s all the same with Rock Dinosaurs from Toronto. If things keep bubbling and bubbling, they might celebrate their 50th band anniversary with a tour. We are already looking forward to it. Marco Schmidt