May 27, 2024

Montreal and Toronto break attendance records for women's ice hockey

Video: Watson/Lucas Zollinger

Women's ice hockey seems to be growing in popularity. At least in Canada. This is what the numbers of spectators in stadiums suggest. Records have already been broken several times this season. The last two were from the same team – PWHL Toronto and PWHL Montreal.

In their final game on Saturday, they attracted 21,105 spectators to Montreal's “Bell Centre”, the actual home of the Montreal Canadiens, for their game, which was also known as the “Duel at the Top” – a world record:

Video: Watson/Lucas Zollinger

Toronto and Montreal were also the ones to set the last record – just about two months ago. On February 16, 19,285 people came to the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto to watch the two teams.

One of the reasons why these two teams attract so many spectators is their star player, Marie-Philippe Poulin. She is considered one of the best ice hockey players in Canadian history, and the entire stadium was cheering for her at Saturday's game. However, despite having Poulin in the team and playing at home, Montreal was unable to pull off a victory over the weekend. Toronto won the match 3-2.

Marie-Philippe Poulin ice skating in Montreal.Image: Cornerstone

Records are rolling in the Canadian League

Several American (continental) records were also set and broken again this season. This trend began on the second day of the regular season. In Ottawa, 8,318 spectators watched the match, breaking the old record of 8,122 spectators set in 2017.

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But this record only lasted a few days, as Minnesota attracted 13,316 spectators for its home game at the Xcel Energy Center on January 6, 2024.

In general, the league averages more than 5,000 fans per game, although many stadiums typically used cannot hold more than 5,000 people. (LZO)

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Video: Watson/Lucas Zollinger

The Spengler Cup: Pictures from a long time ago


The Spengler Cup: Pictures from a long time ago

1966: Against a beautiful mountainous backdrop, Davos (in jerseys) lost 1:10 to Dukla Jihlava.

Source: Photography Archive/St

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Video: Watson

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