April 25, 2024

MFG manufactures high power charger in 60 locations

MFG manufactures high power charger in 60 locations

British gas station operator Motor Fuel Group has announced a £50m investment in expanding its charging infrastructure for the current year. More than 350 high-powered 150kW electric vehicle chargers will be installed at 60 sites in Great Britain.

According to the company, the new EV hubs will consist of four to eight 150-kilowatt charging points per location, which, depending on the vehicle, should allow an additional 100 miles or 160 kilometers in ten minutes. The company said the sites could be supplemented with 300 kW+ charging points if battery technology improved accordingly.

In addition to the 60 new electric vehicle centers, MFG plans to electrify an additional 20 sites in the first quarter of 2022, which was completed in the last few months of last year.

The now-published targets for 2022 are part of the investment announced in March 2021 totaling £400m to install express charging points at around 500 locations by 2030, it is reported. As part of the program with a budget of about 464 million euros, a total of 2,800 high-power chargers for electric vehicles with a capacity of 150 kW and 350 kW will be prepared.

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Announced on the new investments building on a £40m investment in 2021, MFG is reported to have significantly expanded its national charging infrastructure and ‘Putney main petrol station’ and the first superfast electric vehicle site opened in North West England in Manchester . The company has invested an additional 50 million pounds (58 million euros) in its locations in order to expand the range of ready-made shops and groceries.

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According to information from last year, MFG finances, builds and operates charging centers at the filling stations themselves.

According to MFG, the company’s network was voted as the most popular new network and the second most popular network overall in the Zap-Map user rankings of UK public e-freight networks in a survey conducted by Zap Map, an e-driver platform. It received an overall rating of 4.2/5.