December 3, 2023

Post-Brexit: EU bans British websites

Post-Brexit: EU bans British websites

The EU Commission already announced in 2018 that British companies will no longer be allowed to register and operate .eu domain names after Brexit. The domain was withdrawn from anyone who did not provide relevant evidence. Ironically, one of the offline sites is the Brexit (Leave) campaign site. Backed by right-wing populist O’Keep founder Nigel Farage, she fought persistently for years to leave the European Union.

When this was achieved, the site continued as a right-wing populist riot platform — and received a number of lawsuits and fines, among other things for data protection breaches, false information about campaign donations and defamation.

According to the online magazine Politico, the operators attempted to maintain their eligibility to “leave” by registering them at an address in Waterford, Ireland. It didn’t work: the domain could now be bought like another 48,000 – but only by people who live in the EU or who are nationals of a member state. This ends with one of the last episodes of the Brexit streak.

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