June 20, 2024

Martin Plüss succeeds Raito Ravener as sporting director at SC Bern

Martin Ploss at the 2017 SCB Championships.Photo: Imago/Gesser

06/07/2023, 09:1006/07/2023, 09:56

SC Bern fills the position of Sports Director with a personality from among its ranks and complements the management with additional sporting expertise. Four-time SCB champion Martin Plüss will not take on this new role until May 1, 2024. Until then, he will be available to Byrne as an advisor.

“We want to return to the top in the professional field and pursue ambitious projects with young people. In order to achieve high goals, we need additional skills and resources in the sports sector, ”says Marc Luti, President of SCB Bank.

Martin Plüss is looking forward to the new assignment: “I am really looking forward to returning to SC Bern. With Sports Director Andrew Ebbt and Youth Director Mark Webber, I want to put together a strong team and build a healthy and sustainable foundation.” With this, the sports management at the SCB is once again complete. Announcement of Jussi Tabola as new coach.

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