April 23, 2024

Mainz 05 with a good match against Eintracht Frankfurt

Mainz 05 with a good match against Eintracht Frankfurt

HIn an entertaining, diverse and fast-paced match, four goals and one point, thanks to which Reinheisen advanced from ninth to eighth in the final table: the last Bundesliga match could have been worse for FSV Mainz 05 compared to this. 2:2 against Eintracht Frankfurt. Even if coach Bo Svensson rightly points out that “we have a few big opportunities”. Only Jonathan Burckhardt could turn the draw into a win and meet fellow striker Marcus Ingvartsen, who scored two goals.

But the under-21 national, who was Mainz’s top scorer last season with 11 goals, was unlucky with his goals – then unlucky referee Martin Petersen denied him the supposed 3:2 and upheld this decision according to video images. . In the air duel between Burkhardt and goalkeeper Kevin Trapp, the referee saw a foul from the striker, and Trapp was already in his hands when the striker attacked him. Questionable assessment, but it did not cause a huge stir that day.

“With a draw, we remain in the Champions League at home,” sporting director Martin Schmidt confirmed. The fact that the final score is not enough at least for the Conference League is due to the meager record of just 11 points, which only weakens Greuther Fürth’s game association. But Schmidt promised to improve: next season the team will present at home as usual, “and after that we want to get a few more points away from home. It is worth going with … “

Applause for Brusinski

The club will continue to strengthen the squad, saying goodbye to four current players and dám Szalai, who was eliminated in January, on Saturday: Kevin Stoeger, who barely got a chance in his second season in Mainz due to tough competition in eighth place. Jean-Paul Boetius, whose contract is also expiring and was unable to agree with the club on an extension. Jeremiah Saint-Just, whose move to Sporting Lisbon brought about ten million euros.

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