May 21, 2024

Lucerne vs. FC Lugano - The Short Report

Lucerne vs. FC Lugano – The Short Report


FC Lucerne fought for one point against Lugano in a local blizzard

Fabio Celestini’s side responded in the second half to a deficit after a penalty kick from the visitors. No team was able to achieve victory on snow-covered grass.

Short report

In the first minute, FCL goalkeeper Marius Muller needs a strong show so that Lugano does not take the lead in the turf slightly covered in snow at Swissporarena. Numa Lavanchy is the opportunity for Christopher Lungoyi, who failed at close range to reach Müller. After that, FC Lucerne found his way into the match and, around the tenth minute, he had a double chance through Brahima Ndiaye and Martin Fredik. In the 24th minute, Lugano striker Asuma Abubakar solo scored Lucerne’s goal, Marco Porsche, with a mistake in the penalty area – from a penalty kick. Olivier Costudio turns against Mueller, driving Lugano somewhat reversing the game.

Goalkeeper with driving a penalty kick.

Photo: Martin Meinberger

The FCL strikers had a tough time against Lugano in the first half.

The FCL strikers had a tough time against Lugano in the first half.

Photo: Urs Flüeler / KEYSTONE

Snow does not stop, and the grass becomes whiter and whiter. There are hardly any scoring opportunities – Lugano leads in the first half. Lucerne must return in the second half if he does not want to be left without points after this match.

Lucerne could answer: Adil Dejan Surgez in the 53rd minute, and after a shot by Philippe Ugric, he took advantage of a rebound from Lugano’s goalkeeper Noam Bauman. Next up, FCL coach Fabio Celestini brought in newcomers Jordy Wehrmann and Pascal Schürpf after 60 minutes – the home side keep the pressure on. Lucerne’s team cheered twice over the alleged opening goal, and the referee intercepted Fedaye San twice. At first he decided to make a mistake by Schürpf in his header, after which Ndiaye was offside when he shot.

FCL is clearly the better team in the second half, but the winning goal does not want to succeed. Points are split 1: 1 until the end of the game.

Pictures playing in the snow

The most important scenes of the game

FCL XI vs Servette begins:

1 minute: Lugano striker Christopher Longue came to an end with a cross from Numa Lavanci. Marius Muller withstands a backlash with a strong foot.

9. Minutes: Brahima Ndiaye finishes off after a quick counterattack and after playing Louis Shop. Noam Baumann at the Lugano Gate blocking the corner.

10 minutes: Martin Fredek hits a full rebound at Lugano’s goal, and Baumann blocks forward, as Philippe Ugricinic no longer presses behind the ball.

18. minutes: Referee Fedaye San interrupts the match. The lines of the penalty area must be free of snow.

Helpers clean the snow-covered lines at Swissporarena.

Helpers clean the snow-covered lines at Swissporarena.

Photo: Urs Flüeler / KEYSTONE

24. minutes – Tour Lugano: Asuma Abubakar escapes from the midfield defense, Marco Porsche misses the striker in the penalty area – a yellow card for Burch and a penalty kick in favor of Lugano. Olivier Custodio allows Muller to jump to the wrong corner and meets Lugano’s lead.

Custodio can be celebrated after his goal.

Custodio can be celebrated after his goal.

Photo: Martin Meinberger

32. Minutes: Schaub tries to flick, and Bowman repels.

+ Pause +

49. Minutes: Dejan Sorgic turns elegantly around a Lugano player and shoots from distance. Bowman in goal repels the guests, but Lucerne cannot benefit.

51. Minutes: Fabio Dabriella is nearing his end with a free kick. Muller can block the ball and Lugano’s subsequent corner kick does nothing.

53. minutes – Tor FCL: Marvin Schultz removes Philip Eugrenk and shoots from a distance. Baumann again blocked in the middle, this time Dejan Surjic stands up and puts the ball in goal – a midfield compensation to 1: 1.

60. minutes: FCL coach Celestine brought in Pascal Schorbf and New Deal Jordi Wehrmann, who made his debut. Louis Schaub and Philip Ugrenk leave.

65. Minutes: Marco Birch comes after a corner kick from Farol Tassar on the first post with a header, but he does not shoot it on target.

66. Minutes: Jonathan Sabatini, captain of Lugano, tries with a shot from 16 meters. The ball crosses the far post, and Mueller doesn’t have to step in.

70. Minutes: Schürpf hits after a free kick from Tasar with his head – but referee San does not give the goal and decides the FCL striker foul.

72. Minutes: Simon Greather checks Lugano Gwale Baumann from distance after a corner kick.

73. Minutes: Once again, the ball wriggles in the net, and once again the midfield kick is not counted. Schürpf with a cross by Ndiaye, who directed the ball into goal from an offside position.

89. Min: FCL goalkeeper Muller plays well and picks up losing the ball from Martin Friedrich.


Lucerne-Lugano 1: 1 (0: 1)
Swisspor Arena. – 0 Viewers. – Real Commando-san.
rip: 25. Guarding (penalty) 0: 1. 53. Sorgic (Ugrinic) 1: 1.
Lucerne: Miller. GREITER, KENZEVICH, PORSCHE, FREDIK; Ugrinic (60 Military Man), Scholes; Tasar, Schaub (60 Schürpf), N’Diaye; Surgic.
Lugano: Bowman. Kecskés, Ošs, Daprelà; Covello. Lavanchy, Custodio, Sabbatini, Guerrero (92. Facchinetti); Abu Bakr, Longway (74. Girndt).
Notes: Lucerne without Emini (suspended), Albi, Binos, Lucas, Nending (injured). Lugano without Lovric (suspended), Botany, Maric (injured). Warnings: 14. Kensevic. 25. Porsche. 43- Guerrero. # 59 90. Sabbatini. 90. SHORPF.


On Sunday, FCL will play FC Vaduz at Swissporarena. The start of the match at 4 pm.

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