June 22, 2024

Login Bonuses have been discovered as a new feature on the official YouTube channel

The fourth part of the popular life simulation The Sims from Maxis is now almost ten years old and has been converted into a free-to-play title in 2022. The successor to The Sims 5 has been officially announced by Maxis and publisher EA, but there is still a long time to go for the release and will continue to be available. The Sims 4 with updates and new features. Now a previously unlisted official YouTube video has surfaced offering login rewards for The Sims Part 4.

Rewards for regular logins coming soon to The Sims 4?

Many Sims players including Sims community On Social Media X, you have the Sims’ official YouTube channel not listed video It was discovered via so-called login events for The Sims 4. The video, just over two minutes long, explains this feature, which is not yet included in the game, and rewards players with cosmetic items and furnishings for logging in regularly.

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