May 18, 2024

'Let's Dance': Juror blasted fans after final performance

‘Let’s Dance’: Juror blasted fans after final performance

“Let’s Dance” juror Motsy Mabuse defended the freestyle of Matthias Meester and Renata Lusin in the final.Photo: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

This dance will continue to provoke controversy! The grand finale of “Let’s Let’s Dance” took place on Friday. In the final round, finalists Janine Ullmann, Renee Caselli and Mathias Meester each had to take to stage three times: for the jury’s dance, their personal favorite dance and freestyle. For their freestyle, Matthias and his dance partner Renata Lusin slipped into Smurf costumes. Some of the “Let’s Dance” pros like Christina Luft or Isabel Edvardson took to the floor as Blue Smurfs. The show concluded with Bastian Bellendorfer as Vader Abraham and Valentin Lucien as Gargamel.

But the diverse performance was not well received by all viewers. Former “Let’s Dance” star Oana Nechiti and Erich Klann have pretty much danced on their podcast “Tanz Oder Nechit” (Tanz or not at all). Children’s Theater had its harsh rule. Also on Instagram, some fans mocked the Paralympic star’s last dance. However, the irony went too far for one person: Motsy Mabuse. For this reason, the juror “Let’s Dance” spoke a word of strength on the Internet.

Juror “Lets Dance” Motsi Mabuse puts the haters in their place

A clip of Mathias and Renata’s performance in Smurf can be seen in the feed on the “Let’s Dance” official Instagram account. Some of the comments were “embarrassed and ashamed of others” or “I didn’t think it was good”Which can be found under the short video.

Motsy responded to these and other statements with clear words. First, she noted that she rarely comments on things “because we all know how social media works.” She added by way of explanation that anonymous and anonymous accounts are the loudest. Then she explained:

“They can have their opinions, but the language they use should respect our celebrities, professionals and their work. Choose your words wisely.”

Once she moved, the 41-year-old continued to vent her anger. I complained that some of what was written “Disgusting, discriminatory and totally unacceptable.” You have to show your ID everywhere, not just on the internet. Motsy also complained that people could easily hide and insult others. But she eventually clarified:

“I won’t argue with people. I already have better things to do with my time and I think most of you understand what I mean.”

“Let’s Dance” Juror Motsy Mabuz

Third place: Matthias, a fair loser

But no matter how the freestyle of Mathias and Renata was greeted by the audience, the duo is certainly proud of their performance. “We just had fun and it was a great show”Matthias summed up the joyous dance with joy RTL-Interview together.

The 35-year-old doesn’t mind that in the end it wasn’t him Renee but Renee who dubbed him the “Dancing Star”. “Renee and Jeanine, of course, are two other numbers.”The former athlete admitted. Janine finished second in the final, and Matthias was content with the bronze medal.


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