June 20, 2024

An American Politician Makes Fun Of Them - 'I Have No Idea About Them'

An American Politician Makes Fun Of Them – ‘I Have No Idea About Them’

Meghan and Harry lived in the United States for two years.Photo: Chris Jackson Collection / Chris Jackson

Two years ago, Harry and Meghan decided to leave the British royal family and move to the United States. But even there, they are not immune to headwinds, something a politician recently handed against them.

The sarcasm was motivated by the resignation of the couple’s global spokesperson, who was in office for only a year. One critic laughed at her and wrote a few lines about her on Twitter:

“The ‘global’ press official. Does her fictional world include an intergalactic press official? What a bunch of clowns. As if those wishing to make entertainment without production, backed by inherited wealth, even need staff.”

More than 500 people agreed with these words, including Republican Beatriz Cárdenas. The congresswoman responded to the author: “They are obsessed with the word ‘cosmopolitan.’ Meanwhile, most Californians have no idea who they are.

In fact, Meghan and Harry are virtually unknown in Montecito, California, or across the country in general. While people can criticize the interest in the British royal family, it’s hard to deny. “US Weekly,” for example, has its own section for royals on its website.

Republicans and Sussex

However, it looks like they didn’t have the Republicans on their side from the start. As early as October 2020, Congressman Jason Smith wrote an open letter to the British Ambassador to the United States. It was said there that he was “Concern over recent comments by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex regarding the presidential election.”

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Prince Harry had called before To reject “hate speech and disinformation and negative information online”. Meghan called the election ‘the most important choice of our lives’. Moreover Donald Trump He had already commented negatively on the couple, on “Pierre Morgan Uncensored”, calling the Duke an “embarrassment” who was “disrespectful towards his country.”

So much so that the couple’s statements about the election are so unnerving to the party, it at least contradicts the fact that the names “Harry and Meghan” are universally unimportant.