March 1, 2024

Krems - Sports-oriented golf has arrived

Krems – Sports-oriented golf has arrived

Krems have reached one of the fastest growing sports worldwide. Every second Sunday, about ten active members of the Danube Disc Golf Association meet to hone their pitching technique in the city park.

Like golf, the direction sport developed in the United States in the 1970s is about mastering a course in the fewest number of attempts possible. Only in golf there are no balls and holes and no clubs. The game device is a frisbee that must land in a target basket at the end of the track. Unlike a traditional frisbee, disc golf is smaller but has a similar weight. This causes a change in flight behaviour.

Every second Sunday the Danube Disc Golf Union Krems practice in the city park. Pictured: President Philip Trost, Vice President Reinhard Clavel and Honorary Member Konstantin Kanzian.

Franz Aschauer

Professionals run distances of up to 180 metres, and amateurs like Philippe Trost, who had an interest in the sport for ten years and founded Danube Disc Golf Union Krems in December last year, are now in the three-figure range. What is its attraction? “It’s a great sport that is affordable and cheap. A three-disc set costs maybe 30 euros. This is also the reason behind Trost’s big plans. In three years the club should have more than 100 members, and next year it should create its own youth group. with a coach.

Even before that, a separate course will be created in Krems. The starting point is located next to the stairs in the viadonau water area, the last of the 10 lanes of 65-195 meters with championship baskets – meaning that in theory the world championships could be held in Krems – ending in Awald. The club is investing €7,000, partly through sponsorship. A major tournament is scheduled to open in early July. Interested parties can participate in the pilot training courses at any time. events:

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