February 24, 2024

Kinzera Tales: ZAU – African Bantu Myths and Masks of the Elementals

The planned release is still three months away, but you can now get your first look at the upcoming Metroidvania Kinzira Tales: ZAU Throw. A demo of the game from developer Surgent Studio has been released on Steam. In this colorful, action-packed adventure, you play as a young shaman Zau on an emotional journey. The focus is not only on his masks, but also on his masks Myths of African Bantu cultures Inspiring game world.

Tales of Kenzera: ZAU – The developer addresses the relationship with his father in the game

Behind the development studio Tales of Kenzera: ZAU Abu Bakr Salem, who also lends his voice to the protagonist. The British actor with Kenyan roots dedicated the game to his late father, who introduced him to the medium of gaming and introduced it to him as an art form. “For me, video games are the most powerful way to share stories.” He says Salim. “So what better way to honor my father and my relationship with him than through this experience?” Zau also has a strong relationship with his father in the game, which plays a large role in the story.

Additionally, the trademarks of shamans in the game are obviously masks, which grant special abilities based on the items. The orange mask allows him to do this Throwing fire bladesWhich can create a spiral of fire, with the help of the blue mask, Zao throws knives made of ice, which also Let the ground freeze. As the game progresses, you'll change mask powers at lightning speed in quick jump combos or during battles with monsters that nearly fill the screen.

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