February 23, 2024

Kanada Merkez Bankası gevşeyen Inflation Against Politika Faizini Korudu Yazar Investing.com

Investing.com | Editor Niklesh Pawar

Yayın Tarihi November 27, 2023 8:20 pm

The Bank of Canada keeps interest rates on hold despite new data showing national inflation has dropped to 3.1%. St. Janta Dusenlenen bir degaret daplanticinda conusan paskan tif maklem emphasized the mevkat %5’lik politica fais oranton herhangi bir desiciklik yapmeiki 3dşence nda bir inflan oran ına ulaşma taahhüdünü of Merkes Pangasin.

Sun mali kunsellemeler 40 miler dolarluck bir asigini ordaya sicardi uncock yakin zamanta inflationist pasci olmiacasini angard. This development comes after New Brunswick reported a lower inflation rate of 2.8%. Macklem’s comments on Wednesday in Saint John, citing historical examples of inatçı high inflation, warned that we should not continue with these conditions. Current economic challenges, including the rising costs faced by businesses and the consequent increase in workers’ wage demands, drew attention to the initial success of the ponlitikanıkları bank ılaşt company.

Macklem’s comments underline the delicate balance central banks around the world are trying to maintain in a volatile economic environment, as the Bank of Canada’s efforts to tackle the challenges of reducing inflation without stifling economic growth are cautious.

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