June 23, 2024

Japan opens its borders to businessmen

Japan opens its borders to businessmen

aThe three, the coaches, the officials, the journalists — all grumbled in the summer, at least internally, about the strict anti-Covid rules Japan imposed on foreign guests during the Tokyo Olympics. Japan is now taking measures on these rules to allow and facilitate the entry of businessmen. Even if they are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, foreign business travelers to Japan will have to deal with plans for activities and daily health data collection in the coming months.

Patrick Welter

Reporter for business and politics in Japan, based in Tokyo.

The government in Tokyo has just decided to open up the borders, which have been largely closed since spring 2020, a bit and issue visas again to foreign businessmen, students and technical trainees. But with bureaucratic regulations galore to ward off the coronavirus, the world’s third-largest economy will remain the most closed off country in the G7’s circle of major democratic industrial nations. In Europe and North America, on the other hand, areola border trees are increasingly deciduous. This discrepancy is alarming, given that Japan has vaccinated more people against the virus than either large European countries or the United States, based on population size. Recently, Japan recorded less than 200 new infections per day.

Quarantine for ten days at most

Companies and trade associations in Japan are concerned that business and location in Japan will be damaged by international standards due to strict entry rules. “It is positive that Japan is moving with the new rules,” says Markus Schürmann, president of the German Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo. “But corrections towards the opening are very minimal.”

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