February 29, 2024

Ireland and Great Britain: Storm affects people

With the next storm already on the horizon, not all homes are still without power. Germany is also affected.

Storm “Isha” caused severe traffic disruptions and extensive damage in the British Isles; Four people died, which you can read about here. Now Ireland and Great Britain are already preparing for the next storm: “Joselin” is expected from Tuesday evening. Strong winds are expected, particularly in the north and west of Scotland, with winds less severe than “Isha”.

Train services across the north of Britain will be suspended from Tuesday evening until Wednesday morning. Heavy rain is also expected in many parts of the country. The Irish weather service Met √Čireann warned: There is a risk of further damage, especially for buildings already hit by “Isha” as material is weakened. The storm will also hamper power restoration.

A tornado warning has also been issued in Germany

About 13,000 households were without power in Northern Ireland on Monday evening, with 235,000 households plunged into darkness at some point due to “Isha”. The BBC reports that tens of thousands of people have also been affected in Great Britain. Aviation was also affected by the storm. Many aircraft landed hundreds or even thousands of kilometers from their intended destination. Some engines were diverted to Cologne en route to the Scottish capital, Edinburgh. According to reports, stranded passengers were sleeping on the ground at the airport.

Cyclonic winds are likely to blow in the north and east and there is a possibility of severe cyclone. Severe storms should be expected in coastal areas and cyclonic winds in high mountain areas. According to the DWD, Broken in the Horse Mountains could have sustained hurricane-force winds of more than 140 kilometers per hour.