April 25, 2024

Internet beavers paralyzed Canada

Internet beavers paralyzed Canada


About 900 Canadian Internet provider Telus customers in the Tumbler Ridge community of 2,000 in British Columbia went offline for 36 hours on Saturdays and Sundays due to beavers damaging fiber optic cables. CBC Reports.

The cable is damaged in several places

A spokeswoman for the service provider told CBC that the beavers had gnawed at the cables in several places and caused extensive damage. Rodents are said to have dug underground along a stream to the line buried one meter underground. After gnawing at the four-inch-thick tube, they cut the fiber-optic cables.

The malfunction was corrected after 36 hours

After 36 hours, the provider’s technicians were able to repair the damage. According to CBC, their work became more difficult because the land in the area was still partially frozen. The internet provider described the incident to the broadcaster as “possibly a uniquely Canadian disruption.”

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