June 24, 2024

Health: Chronic itching in adults is increasing

Health: Chronic itching in adults is increasing

If the skin itch after a mosquito bite is bothersome. But if you have to repeatedly scratch yourself for no reason, then that becomes torture for you, and the number of those affected increases.

The chronic itch is becoming a burden for more and more people. Like the university clinic, 13 to 26 percent of adults in Germany are affected Munster Advertise. According to a study by the University of Munich, about seven percent are added each year. The number of patients varies according to age.

Chronic itching (pruritus) initially has a physical cause such as iron deficiency. “If an itch-causing disease, for example liver, is treated with success, the itch becomes independent, becomes chronic and torture,” said Sonya Standard, Head of the Center for Chronic Itch Competence in Münster. Until now, researchers have been puzzled as to why.

With 15 percent disease, it’s especially bad: “These patients have a stronger sense of itching, a greater level of suffering and they scratch themselves more intensely,” Standard said. Around 600 people are currently being treated in Münster alone. There are six outpatient itch clinics at universities across Germany. (Dpa)

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