June 17, 2024

Great Britain: Refugees on the English Channel - Cameras must stop immigrants

Great Britain: Refugees on the English Channel – Cameras must stop immigrants

Callus. Surveillance cameras are to be installed at more than 20 locations along the north French coast to prevent immigrants crossing the English Channel into Britain. According to the broadcaster BFMTV, the cameras are being funded by Great Britain’s funding for France for more effective border security on the coast. As part of the “Terminus” program, cameras mounted on roads near the beach will be used to search for traffickers and their vehicles, as well as license plate recognition.

Camera images were to be used by the police and the community, for example in the fight against racism, but were not available to the British. According to the “La Voix du Nord” newspaper, about 50 cameras, each with four heads, will be operational between Montreuil and Calais in the middle of the year. The total costs are not yet known.


Dozens of immigrants die across the English Channel

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on France to do more to encourage migrants to cross the strait. © Reuters

“I have an idea that we are the armed wing of British immigration policy.”

Municipalities also criticize the fitting of cameras, for which they had to admit. The mayor of Merlimont, Mary Bonvoisin Alves Dos Santos, spoke about a hypocritical act in a BFMTV interview. It would have been nice if the money had gone to helpers rescuing people from distress at sea while crossing in small boats. “I have the impression that we are the armed forces of British immigration policy.” At the same time, nothing has been done to provide decent housing for children, women and men.

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For many years, immigrants sought to move to England from temporary camps in northern France. This number has tripled in the past year and dangerous boats have been overtaken as the Channel Tunnel and the trucks passing through it are under better protection. At least 27 people were killed when a boat capsized in November. The British government is a thorn in the side of the people. One of the central promises made by Brexit supporters in the run-up to leaving the EU was to gain control over their own borders.