March 1, 2024

Google Pixel smartphones get new emergency features

Google Pixel smartphones get new emergency features

New Emergency Information features will soon be available for Google Pixel smartphones. It is an emergency video recording.

The basics in brief

  • Google has been offering an Emergency Information app for pixel smartphones for a long time.
  • The application can independently initiate actions in appropriate situations.
  • You will soon be able to record and send videos even in emergency situations.

who – which smart phone Everyday companion can not be just a camera, phone and access to the Internet, but it is also a lifesaver. This belief At least Google. Thus, the Emergency Information app is available for Pixel smartphones. There will be new practical features here soon.

Pixel smartphones record videos in emergency situations

To activate emergency mode, users must Power button on the phone Press five times quickly. The new feature, reported by XDA Developers, automatically starts video recording. If there is enough memory, estimated at 450 MB, the phone records for 45 minutes.

The recording, which may contain evidence or even evidence, is then stored in a Google account for seven days. Users can also set the video to be sent to a specific emergency contact. Combined with the previous features, this application can in the future To save lives.

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