June 17, 2024

Google Analytics will soon stop showing store visits

Google Analytics will soon stop showing store visits

If you rely on store visit reports in Google Analytics, you will soon only be able to access historical data. Because store visit reports will be stopped.

Until the end of October 2022, you can use Google Analytics The data in Store visit reports to be created. These inform site operators about how to operate traffic movement On their pages affects visits to the site of their business. However, as of November of this year, store visit reporting will no longer be supported. This shows Google on Google Analytics Help Blog:

on me 10/31/2022, Store visit reporting will be discontinued. As of this date, the new Store visit reports will not be generated. Historical Store visits will still be reported. Please contact you User account management If you have any questions.

The data already set in Google Analytics remains – and Google Ads continues to track store visits

Google’s notice states that all data created by users through Google Analytics will remain available even after the end of support. A prerequisite for generating store visit data is that users have associated their analytics sites with at least one Google Ads account. In addition, 90 percent of the respective websites must be accessible via Google My Business (Now a Google Business Profile) to be verified.

Since data about store visits is generated via Google Business Profile and Google Ads accounts, the site operators that maintain them can also do so. Get insight into store visits via Google Ads. However, if you want to increase store traffic, you can also place ads via Google with the corresponding objective. You can learn more about this option and analyze store visits via Google Ads In the Google Ads Help post.