February 28, 2024

German gymnasts with Great Britain win without a chance

German gymnasts with Great Britain win without a chance

Once again “kneeling” among German gymnasts: Like Andreas Tuba in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, Glenn Tribbing went to the pommel horse despite a knee injury, his team finishing seventh.

On his way to a medal in the “first half”, he was deeply disappointed in the end: Glenn Tribbing’s knee injury shattered the faint hopes of German gymnasts for the team’s European Championship medal. The 22-year-old Hanover was limping off the floor in pain after a floor workout.

However, the sports soldier summoned himself and took an example from fellow club Andreas Tuba. Six years ago, he did gymnastics with a cruciate on a pommel horse at the Rio Olympics. After this incident, coach Valery Belenky’s players had to gain seventh place.

Tripping, who came in third in the Bundesliga, also remarkably withstood the vibrating machine, but according to preliminary information, it is said that his injury to his right knee is less serious than it was in “Hero de Janeiro”. However, in order to train for the rings, the unlucky fellow could no longer compete and had to be replaced by Lucas Dowser.

After initial difficulties, a team from Great Britain took team gold. Italy and Turkey were the closest to the already favorite team.

The EM hosts got off to a great start in front of 9,000 spectators. All three jumps were so clean that the pentathlon DTB took the lead after the first of the six rounds.

This progression continued after the parallel bars. The lion’s share of this was due to Olympic silver medalist Dozer of Unterhaching, who gave a world performance with a score of 15,333 points. Even Trebing’s slight skepticism hardly matters.

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German hardware artists also remained without falling on the high beam, but had to let Great Britain pass them. After the trauma of Tripping’s injury, he put this good start to the ground.

German athletes have two final chances to win a medal on Sunday. Halle’s Niels Dunkel reached the final on a pommel horse, and Dowser qualified for the final on parallel bars.