October 3, 2023

Generation Z will get its own Amazon: TikTok store launches in the USA

Generation Z will get its own Amazon. TikTok Shopping is now live in the US, with more features and options than before in the UK. The Chinese even care about shipping.

Announced in July, TikTok Shopping is now available in the USA: The Chinese video platform offers both creators and brands the opportunity to showcase and sell products in their clips. The new TikTok Shop feature was already available in Great Britain and has now been launched in the USA with significantly more options. Anyone who enters keywords into a TikTok search will see matching products in the Shop tab. Additionally, more and more videos are showing the shopping list right above the account name. Anyone who clicks on it can buy products from the video.

TikTok with its fulfillment centers

The next few weeks will show how easy and enjoyable this feeling is. According to The Verge, the first shopping offers have so far been found sporadically and very discreet. The American magazine’s tester was initially offered small electronic puzzles and a salt shaker on its For You page.

In addition to the marketplace, TikTok is also offering a new affiliate program that allows creators to earn commissions on products. The Chinese have also begun setting up their own fulfillment centers from which they can ship products from the sections themselves. The “Fulfilled By TikTok” logistics offering was launched in Great Britain in August. The company takes care of the storage, selection, packaging and shipping of goods on behalf of the sellers. So Gen Z will get their own Amazon.

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The article first appeared on our sister portal W&V.

Text: Jörg Heinrich