April 23, 2024

Formula 1, Hamilton's back problems: Canada is at risk

Formula 1, Hamilton’s back problems: Canada is at risk

Louis Hamilton initially complained of pain in Azerbaijan Formula 1GB. “My back is killing me,” he radioed towards the command post. In Baguio, all Formula 1 teams encountered problems in pushing cars on the uneven road surface of the 6.003-kilometer street roundabout. In particular, the 2.2-kilometer full-throttle division mesmerized cars.

This is the hardest 306.049 kilometers in the life of Louis Hamilton. The Formula 1 record holder said, “This is a very bad and painful race for me.” After finishing fourth in the Park Fermat, he had to pull off his silver arrow. “It’s the hardest fight I’ve ever had with a car. I’m glad it’s over.”

Wolf warns: Hamilton’s Canada start is not fixed

“He is performing very poorly,” said Toto Wolf, director of Mercedes Motorsport. “We need to find a solution. All drivers say something has to be done, but he may have had the worst impact on everything.”

“I have not seen or spoken to him yet, but you can see that it is no longer a tendon, but it is already going into the spine.

In a few days, Formula 1 entourages will travel to the next street round. Wolf fears his star pilot will not be able to launch in Canada: “Yes, of course.” That’s why Mercedes reserve drivers Stofel Vandoorne and Nike de Vries are on high alert.