June 14, 2024

For the weekend: The Fediverse

For the weekend: The Fediverse

Friday, September 23, 2022, Ralph Hersel

Since I can’t think of anything deep about today’s weekend post, I’m happy to point out the new post pamphlet From digital courage From their “short and mature” chain of acquaintances. The 28-page work in DIN-A6 format by Leena Simon and Christian Pietsch provides a richly illustrated overview of the Fediverse and its title:

The authors describe their latest work as follows:

Do you feel uncomfortable when using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Fake news, hate speech, advertisements and presentation get you in a bad mood? Don’t know what happens to your data? Your feelings do not deceive you. Because these are all good reasons to avoid the superpowers of social media. But this does not mean that you have to do without the positive aspects of social networks. Because there are alternatives that allow you to retain your privacy and self-determination. Here we show you what the alternatives are, why they are really social and why they really connect – in the Fediverse.

Anyone who has had trouble explaining the Fediverse to their friends, colleagues, relatives and acquaintances will find this booklet a welcome support. Speaking of support, the brochure can be purchased for 3.50 €, with which you can do work digital courage supports. The work is also available in a free “fair use” version as a PDF.

source: https://digitalcourage.de/kum/band16_fediverse