October 3, 2023

Florida: Jeff, 36, swallowed a hole in 2013 — now it’s back


Jeff, 36, swallowed a piercing in 2013 — and now it’s back

For the third time in ten years, a bay has opened up in Severn, Florida. The first time this was fatal for Jeff Bush.


Drone video shows the fetching hole in Seffner, Florida.


  • Since 2013, a hole has repeatedly opened up in the American settlement of Seffner.

  • Since Monday, there has been a hole in the ground for the third time and it needs to be filled again.

  • It does not pose a danger to the surrounding homes and the cordoned off area as well.

Hillsborough County officials were called to a giant sinkhole in Seffner, Florida, early Monday afternoon. This is currently in an area closed to the public and, according to Bay News 9, is about five meters deep, according to the Economic Times, among others. that it Already the third timeThat the hatch opened in the same place. Authorities told ABC Action News that no homes in the area were at risk and people could stay there. In the next few days, the hole will be filled with water and gravel.

Jeff Bush suddenly disappeared

A hole in the bedroom 36-year-old Jeff Bush was swallowed in 2013. Rescue workers searched for the man all night but received no sign of life. Family members in the same house were alerted by the collision and loud screams. Bush’s brother was the first to enter the victim’s bedroom: “I turned the light on and all I saw was this big hole,” he told CNN at the time.

He jumped into the hole and dug for the missing person with a shovel until rescuers arrived. “I know in my heart he’s dead, but I want him to wait here,” Bush’s brother said.

Hiccups as an ongoing problem

According to the Florida Environmental Protection Agency, water leakage is an ongoing problem in the state. Most of Florida’s subsoil consists of limestone, which acidic groundwater erodes over time, creating cavities. The area around the village of Seffner is also called Schluckloch-Allee. This is where two-thirds of all insurance claims for hiccups in Florida come from.

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