June 21, 2024

Five letters make a word

Five letters make a word

simple principle

Wordle rules are explained quickly: there are three colors in the center that help find the correct word. Photo: powerlanguage.co.uk/dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

At first you have to guess in the dark: type a five-letter word on the virtual keyboard – and don’t forget to hit enter. But then the consolidation begins. the Test Gives aid exclusion.

The correct letter in the right place is highlighted in green in the box where you enter the guessed words, and the correct letter in the wrong place is highlighted in yellow. Characters that do not appear in the searched word are given a gray background. Following the same pattern, all letters that have already been used in words are also highlighted on the virtual keyboard.

In general, it is very good to find the word you are looking for in six rounds – which of course greatly increases motivation in the long run. And it seems John Wardle, the artist and developer who invented the test and rightly borrowed Wordle from his last name, struck a chord: the game became a hit on the web.


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