May 18, 2024

Fine Foreign Traps in London: What to watch out for

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from: Enas Bour

A street in central London: Special emissions regulations may apply here. © Kirsty Wigglesworth / AP / dpa

Tourists and foreigners with their own cars are required to drive in London due to an unknown regulation.

London / Munich – anyone planning to Coronation of Prince Charles It is best to travel to London without your own car. Or, if necessary, find out about the city’s current emissions and car regulations. Otherwise it can get really expensive.

Because in London there is a report from Guardians According to thousands of foreigners have already fallen into a good trap. In individual cases, fines of more than 20,000 pounds (over 22,000 euros) have accumulated. The payments were often not imposed because of deliberate violations, the newspaper wrote, but rather because of the ignorance of those affected.

Transportdienst received twelve fines of £2,000 each

Fernando Neiva, for example, runs a shuttle service for French tourists in the UK. Neiva received 12 fines of £2,000 each. the Guardians There are also reports of a French driver who traveled to London to attend his son’s wedding and is said to have received a fine of approximately £11,000 at his home.

Apparently, both of them had not registered their vehicles, as required by Transport for London Law (TfL for short).

Why do so many foreigners fall into the trap

The reason for the fines is a regulation that divides the City of London into environmental zones. In certain areas of the City of London, only cars that meet emissions requirements are allowed to drive at certain times. For foreign drivers, they must first register their vehicle before driving into the corresponding area. If you don’t, your car will be treated like a car with higher diesel emissions. Then fines are due.

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In principle, depending on the region, a fee is paid for old vehicles up to 3.5 tons. Newer cars registered in Germany drive for free, but they must be registered. In addition, all vehicles in central London are subject to the London Congestion Charge.

This is how foreigners avoid fines in London

But how do you avoid heavy fines as a tourist? On the other hand, the city’s public transport network is so well developed that tourists actually don’t need their own cars in the city.

However, if you absolutely want to come with your own vehicle, you must register in advance as per the applicable regulations. Simply on the side tfl Check what applies to your vehicle and complete the registration.

Driving in London: How much does congestion cost – and where do you pay it?

The entire center of London is a quasi-eco. If you want to drive your own car here, you have to register and pay a congestion fee. Flights are scheduled Monday through Friday (excluding public holidays) between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM. The city then becomes free in the evenings and on weekends.

Also in the days between Christmas and New Years. According to the Abu Dhabi Airports Authority, the fee is currently EGP 15 for one day. Drivers can pay in advance online, at select stores, petrol stations, by mail, by SMS or by phone (+44 (0) 20 7649 9122).