June 21, 2024

Eurowings is expanding its network significantly

Eurowings is expanding its network significantly

From March 2022, Eurowings will fly to more destinations than ever before, Lufthansa subsidiary wrote in a press release. More than 140 destinations around the world are included in the summer schedule. According to Eurowings, there will be 380 weekly flights from 20 airports to Mallorca alone.

The airline is responding to the increasing demand by expanding its network of airlines. Accordingly, the huge catch-up effect can be seen, after two years of epidemic and restricted travel behavior, Germans want to explore Europe and the world again. According to Eurowings, tens of thousands of flight reservations are made daily. Many people are planning again for the summer after vacation trips were canceled due to the pandemic. The business travel sector, which has completely collapsed during the pandemic, is also starting to re-emerge.

Eurowings: Mediterranean destinations in demand in summer 2022

In the field of business travel, contacts within Germany will be increased in particular, as well as links with Great Britain, Austria, Italy and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

In the field of holiday travel, the focus is on the Mediterranean region. Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Italy are popular travel destinations. But the supply for the Canary Islands and Scandinavia will also increase due to higher demand.

Eurowings wants to boost business with a campaign. Since the start of the pandemic, you’ve been able to book free intermediate seats using your Eurowings ticket to keep your distance on the plane, which the airline says is a popular offer. Anyone who books a flight before April 7 and takes off will get a free middle seat.

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