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European Championships: Women's Triathlon - Lindemann takes silver

European Championships: Women’s Triathlon – Lindemann takes silver

Status: 08/12/2022 7:40 PM

No medal, no choice – that’s what Laura Lindemann said before the women’s triathlon at the European Championships. She has kept her word.

Laura Lindemann took second place on Friday (8/12/2022) at the Olympic distance (swim 1.5km, cycling 40km, running 10km) in 1:52.19h. “I’m very happy”Lindemann said in the first: “that means alot to me.”

In the end she was nine seconds behind new European champion Noon Stanford (Great Britain). Third place went to Emma Lombardi of France (1:52:22).

Nina Im (Potsdam/1:52:51) surprisingly took fourth place as the second best German. She finished ahead of French favorite Cassandra Beaugrande. The third best German was Annika Koch, the tenth was 1:34 behind.

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Lindemann right in front of you

Lindemann’s start in this triathlon was impressive. When it came time to go to the beach after swimming the 750 metres, Lindemann was first with a time of 9:37. After 1500 metres, Lindemann finished second with a time of 19:22 minutes.

Lindemann also liked the bike. From the start, it drove with the front and continued to drive when a leading group pulled out. On the train, Lindemann repeatedly did administrative work. Although the field used up time on the last lap, they almost met in the last meters. But the leading group with Lindemann narrowly crossed the finish line.

Stanford catches up – and wins too

Lindemann was also able to switch from cycling to running shoes, initially establishing herself at number three. At the start of the second of four laps, Lindemann took the lead, Beaugrand and Lombardy followed closely behind. Stanford later formed a quartet of the leading trio.

And indeed, it was Stanford who managed to break away a few meters on the penultimate lap. It was a small lead at first, but Stanford not only held it to the finish line, but extended it.

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