June 24, 2024

English teachers sing this song to students

English teachers sing this song to students

MThe usual suspense: With a closed version of the game that hit “Back for Good,” three teachers in England welcome their students back to school after months of closure. “We will be together, across fingers, this time forever. We will fight and be united forever in the hope that we will never be in lockdown again,” said the principals of King’s School in Rochester, about 50 kilometers southeast of London.

Schools in England open again on Monday. It is the first step in the government’s gradual plan to ease coronavirus measures. All restrictions should be lifted on June 21 at the earliest.

“Whatever we say, whatever we do. We did, we just want you to come back,” principal Ben Charles, Elementary School Principal Tom Morgan, and Kindergarten Principal Catherine Openshaw sang a little in the Sky News video on Sunday. The school chaplain supports Father Padfield with background vocals. King’s School was originally established in 604 and is the second oldest school in the UK.

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