April 25, 2024

UEFA Champions League: The CL final can move to Wembley

UEFA Champions League: The CL final can move to Wembley

Champions League

A decision is expected soon in the debate on transferring the UEFA Champions League Final from Istanbul to London. The Associated Press reported that British government officials are scheduled to speak to the European Football Association (UEFA) on Monday. A decision must be made by the middle of this week.

Accordingly, UEFA demands an entry guarantee without quarantine for its delegates, as well as journalists, media professionals and guests of honor. For the match to be held on May 29th, only London’s Wembley Stadium in Great Britain is considered, where a minimum of 22,500 spectators must be admitted. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) stated that clarity should be achieved by Wednesday at the latest.

The British government has placed Turkey on the “red list” of countries from which direct entry into the United Kingdom is prohibited. Britons and residents of Great Britain must be in quarantine at the hotel for ten days at their own expense after returning home from these countries.

Reuters / Murad Caesar

As in the previous year, the Coronavirus could thwart the final CL in Istanbul

English fans are not allowed to travel to Istanbul

The British government has stressed that the fans of the English first division Manchester City and Chelsea, who are facing each other in the final at the Olympic Ataturk Stadium, are not allowed to travel to the Istanbul final. Great Britain is “very open” to host the game in its own country. Another hurdle so far is that the play-off match for the promotion to the Premier League is scheduled for May 29 at Wembley.

According to the BBC, the Football League in charge has shown its willingness to postpone. So far, two matches have already been held in front of an audience at Wembley, but with a maximum of 8,000 spectators, far fewer fans have been allowed than the stadium’s capacity of 90,000 seats. In the summer European Football Championships, many matches will be played at Wembley, then with up to 45,000 spectators.

The Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul was originally scheduled to be the venue for the 2020 Final. Due to the pandemic, the UEFA Executive Committee decided in June 2020 to host the final rounds in Lisbon and postpone the final in Istanbul to 2021. Now Istanbul threatens to lose the final match for the second time .

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