May 23, 2024

EBay beats Amazon - the ten most sustainable online marketplaces

EBay beats Amazon – the ten most sustainable online marketplaces

The environmental protection aspect is also playing an increasingly important role for some online shoppers – although there are significant differences, as a recent Ebay study revealed. The European Cross-Border Trade platform studied which online markets are operating as sustainably as possible and created a ranking of 100 European cross-border markets. As reported by the company. It also includes branches of international markets in the 27-nation European Union and the United Kingdom.

Environmental Protection: The Best Online Marketplace in Europe

  1. EBay USA)
  2. Redbubble (Australia)
  3. Etsy (USA)
  4. Rakuten (Japan)
  5. Amazon (USA)
  6. Amazon Handmade (USA)
  7. Threadless (USA)
  8. (Netherlands)
  9. StockX (USA)
  10. Leboncoin (France)

The study authors have the sustainability aspect among other things in the business model, in the product range, in the buying experience, in the last mile delivery and transportation systems, in the certifications and designations, in the brand partners, in the selection of production and transportation in the Far East as well as in its analysis when creating a responsibility program Corporate social. Traditionally, a company’s carbon footprint is measured.

This is why Ebay is the most sustainable online marketplace

Ebay’s number one position is not a surprise, says Cross-Border Trade in Europe: “Since its launch in 1995, sustainability has been a key factor for this global platform. With its focus on selling second-hand and second-hand goods, it is estimated that around 16 percent of eBay sales are green. And clean. “

Given the focus on new commodities, Amazon’s performance is much worse. But experts are also finding positive things about the e-commerce giant: “Nevertheless, thanks to its clear goals regarding its environmentally friendly warehouses and electric motorized delivery vehicles as well as sustainable materials, products and packaging, Amazon ranks fifth in the ranking.” Amazon chief Jeff Bezos has it in 2009. 2020 alone He put $ 10 billion into his climate initiative.

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The ranking also includes providers of German online markets: Leipzig’s Spreadshirt takes 11th, Zalando 17th. Zalando launched its sustainable fashion collection in the fall of 2020.