May 18, 2024

EA Sports UFC 4 Brings Prime Icons Update to Octagon

EA Sports UFC 4 Brings Prime Icons Update to Octagon

EA has another exciting update for EA Sports UFC 4 Released, Prime Icons update goes up in the octagon.

Unlike legends, PRIME ICONS offer playable versions of fan favorites at their best UFC 4Before UFC 268 happens this weekend.

The EA SPORTS UFC PRIME ICONS update includes six iconic fighters at the peak of their careers and allows the game to reclaim its peak. Among them are new Hall of Famer Georges St-Pierre, longtime middleweight champion Anderson Silva, UK pride Michael Bisping and Khabib Nurmagomedov, who has already risen to become a living legend. Because of the high turnout, Islam will also be fearsome UFC 4– Make their debut in this update.

“Around the world, UFC has become one of the few international sports brands. At EA SPORTS, with the Prime Icons update, we want to introduce fighters from around the world and showcase those who have shaped the UFC over the past two decades.”


In addition to the six PRIME icons, there is a free and time-limited PRIME ICONS customization pack that contains Khabib’s PRIME ICONS profile customization with new backgrounds, profile pictures, outfits, and various sets of shorts. The package can be redeemed until Thursday 30 November 2021.

EA provides details about the respective symbols On the official website before.

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