April 25, 2024

Duathlete Aeneas Appius wants to defend his title

Duathlete Aeneas Appius wants to defend his title

These are incredible numbers on Aeneas Appuis’ Bio. Basler has participated in more than 200 cross-country races, 25 rifles, 20 in Basel, and 45 duo races, among others. In addition, Aeneas Abbey, who lives in the Basel region, can call himself two-time and four-time world champion in the European duo race. In February, the endurance athlete underwent surgery on his Achilles tendon. Quitting sports is out of the question for him.

He won a third of all the races

The now 60-year-old has been living at home in competitive sports for 24 years. From marathons to cycling to triathlons, Aeneas Appius has done just about everything during his career. There is no end in sight, his plans already extend into next year. “The ambition remains to win races and prepare well.”

It all started with a different sport. “I was originally a football player. As a junior I played at Old Boys Basel. After that I worked in the sports company for a long time.” But since his mid-thirties, Apwes is no longer passionate about football. He found his new passion in endurance sports. Since then, the 60-year-old has run more than 600 races and has a track record of victories. “I currently have a win rate of 222. So I’ve won over a third of all the races.” And the athlete is now mostly on the podium. The most significant victory remains the first doubles world title of 2017 in Canada.

The Basel native trains up to ten hours a week in addition to his actual job. Getting everything under one roof hasn’t always been easy for Aeneas Appuis. “I gave up a lot of hobbies and passions. At the exits where you said he is not included now.” Success has proven him right. After completing 8000 kilometres, Aeneas Appuis is preparing for the next competition. The Swiss doubles championship will take place in Uri on Sunday.

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Defend the mission title

In order to best prepare for this big event, there will be a small run of over 5km on Saturday. “Just easy,” Abois thinks. Endurance athletes should wake up at 6 a.m. on competition day. Then it’s up to Ori to be there two hours before the competition. Despite the process at the beginning of the year, the goals of the race are clear: Ines Abbey wants to defend his title in the Swiss championship.