March 2, 2024

Development ends after less than a year

Minecraft Legends: Development ends after less than a year

Mojang ends development Minecraft legends Just nine months after the game's release. The community can continue to look forward to existing technical support and content.

Minecraft Legends: Technical support is still ongoing

Minecraft legends It is part of the popular franchise and was launched in April 2023 with the help of Microsoft, the owner of Mojang. The game combines real-time strategy gameplay with familiar Minecraft elements and adventures.

Kristina Anderka, senior creative writer at Mojang Studios, announced in a blog post that the development team will “now step away from development.” This announcement comes just nine months after the original release date of Minecraft legends.

This means there is no new content for Minecraft legends Although Mojang has made the Bright-Eyed Hero skin available for free. However, the game remains fully playable and existing Lost Legends challenges will continue to be offered for free and offer rewards. Technical support continues, as does the PvP and cooperative game modes.

Source: Mojang

Why wasn't Minecraft Legends developed further?

But why is it developing? Minecraft legends Too early? The exact reasons are not entirely known, but it is possible that sales or player numbers did not meet Mojang's expectations. It is also possible that the development team will want to shift resources to other projects to create new and exciting experiences in the Minecraft world.

However, Mojang expressed its gratitude to the community. Kristina Anderka thanked the players for making the trip Minecraft legends Get involved and help make the game what it is today. She also stressed that Mojang remains committed to exploring the types of games players love and bringing new experiences to the world of Minecraft.

“Thank you so much for participating in this heroic journey and helping us. Minecraft legends To make it the game it is today. With the support of our team, partners, and Minecraft community, we will continue to explore the type of games we care about and bring new experiences to them Minecraft world Bring. We brought the outside world together, made some lovely friends, and most importantly, showed the Piglins that they keep meddling in the wrong dimension. Keep your flags high, because the outside world will always need a hero!

Christina Anderka, Senior Creative Writer at Mojang Studios

Same fate as Minecraft Dungeons

This news also refers to Mojang's decision in September to stop development Minecraft Dungeons To end after the role-playing game reached 25 million players. It's another example of how Mojang and Microsoft are working to replicate the success of Minecraft in different ways and surprise players with new experiences.

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Despite these decisions, they still stand Maine Craft One of the most famous and successful video games of all time. In October, Mojang proudly announced this Maine Craft It has sold a staggering 300 million copies across its multiple platforms. This makes it the best-selling video game in the history of video games.

Mojang is ending development of Minecraft Legends after less than a year.  Current content and support are still available.
Source: Mojang