February 25, 2024

'Dangerous monster waves' rage off California coast

From San Francisco to Los Angeles, storms have been generating metre-high waves since Friday. Authorities warn – but one or two surfers are taking advantage of the strong waves.

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  • Severe storms cause waves several meters high on the West Coast of the United States.
  • The Los Angeles Times said in its headline on Saturday that “dangerous waves of brutality” were sweeping the region.
  • In San Francisco Bay, areas were inundated with waves reaching heights of up to 12 metres.

The state of California, located on the west coast of the United States, was hit by storms and very high waves. The department said the storm would continue through the weekend in the hardest-hit area of ​​Ventura County north of Los Angeles. There were waves up to six meters high. There were initially no reports of damage or potential casualties.

In San Francisco and Los Angeles, about 600 kilometers south, rain and strong waves have also caused flooding and life-threatening conditions since Friday. The Los Angeles Times said in its headline on Saturday that “dangerous waves of brutality” were sweeping the region.

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In San Francisco Bay, waves inundated areas up to 12 meters high, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Most of the storm moved through Saturday, but flood and high surf warnings along the northern and central California coast remained in effect through Saturday afternoon.

Surfers take advantage of the waves in Los Angeles

Authorities advised residents to stay away from the water if possible. Because big waves can sweep people off piers and rocks. In Ventura County, all beaches will remain closed until New Year's Day. In other parts of the region, the administration lifted evacuation calls from low-lying areas on Saturday.

Strong waves could be seen Saturday in photos from the town of Pacifica near San Francisco, among other cities. At Seal Beach in Los Angeles, surfers used high waves in their sport. Pictures emerged of partially destroyed beaches, including from the coastal road in the town of Aptos, south of San Francisco.