February 28, 2024

Caspar, a supporter of the Reichslit, leaves Springer

Caspar, a supporter of the Reichslit, leaves Springer

DrMedia group Axel Springer has expanded its board of directors to five members. They are joined by two new women. Stephanie Caspar is leaving the board for this. She was previously in charge of the online classifieds department and was one of the supporters of former Bild editor Julian Reichelt. On Saturday evening, she said she was leaving Springer on July 31 “by mutual agreement.” The media magazine “Medieninsider” published this topic for the first time.

Director Ulrike Handel is new to the committee as he is responsible for the national media business with the brands “Bild” and “Welt” as well as Nidal Salah El Din for the new area “Talent & Culture”, the Berlin media group announced. Salah El-Din is currently responsible for the in-house academy in Springer, which combines the training of journalists and so-called technical talent, and was deputy editor-in-chief of the dpa from 2019 to 2021.

“Council revamped”

In addition to the new members and CEO Matthias Dubfner, the board of directors will then include Jan Baer, ​​who will be appointed as deputy and will promote Business in America, and Julian Deutz, who will be responsible for finance and human resources.

“With the expansion of the Executive Board, Axel Springer can continue its successful growth path following its recent acquisitions in the United States,” said Springer Chairman Ralph Pucci, according to the announcement. “I am looking forward to the company’s next development phase with an expanded and renewed Board of Directors,” Springer President Döpfner added. Jan Baer will reside in the United States for at least one year starting in the summer. He was previously responsible for all media brands, both nationally and internationally.

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Recently it became known that after acquiring American media brands, including the important brand “Politico”, Springer is focusing on America by restructuring the board of directors. Springer described the deal in October 2021 as the largest corporate acquisition in the company’s history.