March 3, 2024

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Canada: Vaccination required for rail and air travel

Most travelers in Canada will need to be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus in the future. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced yesterday that the vaccination will apply to everyone who takes machines from Canadian airports or uses public trains in the country from October 30. An interview list for passengers on cruise ships is also being worked out. Similar regulations already exist in other countries – but not yet in Austria.

The new rules are part of a strategy by the Canadian government to increase the number of people vaccinated.

Compulsory vaccination of civil servants

It also includes requiring public officials, including police officers, to prove they have received a vaccine by the end of October. Otherwise, they will be released from work from mid-November and will not be paid after that.

Companies in the transportation sector also have to ensure that their employees provide proof of their vaccination status. So far, 72 percent of 38 million Canadians have been fully vaccinated. The relatively successful campaign stalled recently.

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