June 21, 2024

Windermere. Foto: Mim Schneider

Cammerspiele invites you to the October 6 premiere: admire Lady Windermere ⋆ News from Leipzig

On Thursday October 6, Cammerspiele invites you to the next premiere at Werk 2. This time it will be in English. Welcome to the United Kingdom! Lord and Lady Windermere celebrate one of their famous feasts. The occasion is the twenty-first birthday of the young lady. The nobles of London gather at this exclusive ceremony. After all, guests know that to maintain good manners and an excellent reputation, all it takes is a few hours in Windermeres.

Seeing and appearing is a part of good manners as are the principles of decency and manners which Mrs. Windermere is happy to impart to her guests without being asked. But this time something different…

something mysterious

There is a strange tension in the air. Mrs. Windermere is holding a new fan jerky. Lord Windermere was late to his party. There are rumors. Is there a crisis between the spouses? Does the mysterious lady who recently appeared in London have anything to do with it?

It is said that some influential and wealthy men are regular guests of her. Is it all just gossip or is there some truth to it?

The production sends the audience into a world full of pain, lies, intrigue and mystery, exquisitely decorated among flowers, fake smiles and gentle compliments.

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Premiere of “Lady Windermere’s Fan”comedy directed by Oscar Wilde, on Thursday 6 October at 8 pm Leipzig room games (Kochstrasse 132).

Other timings are from Friday 7 October to Sunday 9 October at 8pm.

Play it:

Mrs. Windermere: Natalie Raisman
The Duchess of Berwick: Joanna Walzabak
Mrs. Blimdahl: Victoria Weber
Mrs. Erlene: Raffaella Lanci
Lord Windermere: Damien Reuter
Lord Darlington: Sebastian Geiger
Lord Augustus Lorton: Enrico Engelhardt
Mr. Cecil Graham: Lucas Fischer
Director: Enrico Engelhart and Peter Hubbard
Production and Drama Management: Enrico Engelhardt
Assistant: Jasmine Lin
Outer eye: Victoria Weber