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Agreement between Narcossus University, the AIFC and the International Arbitration Center …

Narcissus University

Almaty, Kazakhstan, April 12 /PRNewswire/

Narxoz University has signed a cooperation agreement with the Astana International Financial Center Court (AIFC Court) and the International Arbitration Center (IAC). The agreement aims to complement the university’s law programs with the best British and international practices and produce high-quality graduates who support the rule of law and investment climate in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan – the seat of the AIFC and IAC – has 30 years of close cooperation with the United Kingdom, and is a leader in international legal practices. In addition to diplomatic, economic, commercial and scientific relations, the partners have recently increased their cooperation in the legal field. The UK legal system sets the standard for most commercial dispute resolution around the world. The agreement includes the development of joint educational programs and programs with other international schools.

In addition, the agreement allows Narxoz students to complete an internship at the AIFC and IAC Court, while the AIFC and IAC Court will be able to hold hearings in the International Standards Hall of the Narxoz campus.

Bulat Utymuratov, the sole shareholder of Narxoz University stated:

“The agreement recognizes the university’s strong academic base in the legal field and the institution’s determination to take that base to a new level and connect it to current financial law practices both in Kazakhstan and internationally. The deal will help produce high quality, competitive graduates that will strengthen the financial and corporate law workforce in the country and helps make Kazakhstan more attractive to international investors. I am proud that my alma mater, along with AIFC, is paving the way for more British and international investors to come and do business in Kazakhstan, knowing that their rights will be protected according to the highest legal standards.”

Lord Mance, President of the AIFC, commented: “I am pleased that the AIFC and IAC have signed a new cooperation agreement with Narxoz University. One of the objectives of the AIFC and IAC is to communicate and make transparent its existence, characteristics and availability for the benefit of everyone inside and outside Kazakhstan, thereby raising awareness, fulfilling their protection tasks and facilitating the promotion of the rule of law in the field of commerce. Thus, the AIFC and the IAC are open to non-exclusive and mutually beneficial programs of cooperation with educational and other institutions inside and outside Kazakhstan under conditions fully compatible with its independence as institutions for the settlement of commercial disputes. ”

The agreement was signed in Almaty, the main financial city of Kazakhstan, by the Registrar and CEO of the AIFC and IAC, Christopher Campbell Holt, and the President of Narxoz University, Miras Dolnov, in the presence of the President of the Court. AIFC Court Judge Lord Mance, and Chair of the International Advisory Committee Barbara Doman KC.

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