June 20, 2024

Biden government approves arms sales to Saudis and Emiratis

Biden government approves arms sales to Saudis and Emiratis

Follow the Jeddah summit with Arab leaders.

The topic was still a hot topic for the past year. After all, Joe Biden criticized the Trump government’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) during the 2020 election campaign and, after moving to the White House, canceled the sale of modern systems such as anti-aircraft and anti-missile missiles. F-35 fighter jets for months, but then it was approved.

Now the White House has again approved the sale of missiles to the Saudis and the UAE. The US Department of Defense responsible for this, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), recently issued two press releases. Accordingly, the Saudis have ordered 300 Patriot missiles and associated equipment worth more than $3 billion. This is intended to serve the kingdom to fend off Yemeni Houthi attacks across the country’s borders. The 96 THAAD missiles ordered by the UAE, including control technology and stations, also used for air defense, are said to cost about $2.25 billion. The DSCA states that this does not change the “basic military balance in the Middle East” – an implicit reference to the US commitment to maintaining Israel’s military advantage in the region (“Qualitative Military Edge”, QME).

Observers believe that the arms deals came as a result of Biden’s recent trip to the Middle East, including his attendance at a summit with Arab leaders in Jeddah. It is no coincidence that the Arab states promised to increase their oil production, and thus responded at least partially to the urgent concern of Washington (Link).

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