June 23, 2024

BBC Three became a linear broadcaster again - fernsehserien.de

BBC Three became a linear broadcaster again – fernsehserien.de

The trend is being called all over the world Digital! But the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) will step back in January 2022 and make its young program BBC 3 linear again.

BBC Three were ordered to go to the show on demand in 2016 (fernsehserien.de reported). The background to this was the austerity restrictions imposed on the entire BBC under the Conservative governments of the United Kingdom. The ‘general weather situation’ still prevailed. At the BBC, however, you can see the possibility that the linear broadcaster could provide significant added value to the British, who are subject to a fee: Three is a successful machine for the BBC and it has featured some of the best performing series, from “Killing Eve” to “Fleabag” and “Normal People”.

Among other things, the success of the recent series on the BBC’s iPlayer public has led to considerations about the comeback of the BBC Three that received a major backwind.

With BBC Three’s return as a line broadcaster, the budget for the newest program for three For the next planning period – two years – side by side. Another approach is to produce specifically outside the capital, London, which dominates the British media.

As part of the BBC, the broadcaster is responsible on the one hand for programming for teens and youth and on the other hand for giving inexperienced talent a platform to vent the momentum.

So far, BBC 1 and BBC Two have taken up the series, which can be found on request under BBC 3, in the linear program. However, these are mostly not placed prominently.

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